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Table 5 Estimated coefficients and correspondent 95% CI of the regression model used to predict the pulsatility index before and after spinal anaesthesia within each artery (UtA or U), adjusted according to the hypertensive status

From: The effects of spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section on uterine and umbilical arterial pulsatility indexes in normotensive and chronic hypertensive pregnant women: a prospective, longitudinal study

Variables Coefficient 95% CI
Intercept 0.773 (0.757, 0.789)*
After (vs Before) anaesthetic blockade -0.016 (-0.030, -0.002)*
U (vs UtA) 0.034 (0.012, 0.056)*
Hypertensive (vs Non-Hypertensive) women 0.096 (0.053, 0.139)*
U x Hypertensive women -0.081 (-0.140, -0.022)*
U x After anaesthetic blockade 0.019 (0.001, 0.037)*
After anaesthetic blockade x Hypertensive women -0.145 (-0.182, -0.108)*
After anaesthetic blockade x Hypertensive women x U 0.153 (0.104, 0.202)*
  1. *Significance designated at p < 0.05; CI, confidence interval; UtA, uterine artery; U, umbilical artery; PI, pulsatility index.