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Table 4 Estimated coefficients and 95% CI of the regression model used to predict the MAP in different variable combinations

From: The effects of spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section on uterine and umbilical arterial pulsatility indexes in normotensive and chronic hypertensive pregnant women: a prospective, longitudinal study

Variables Coefficient 95% CI
Intercept 83.131 (81.765, 84.498)*
After (vs before) anaesthetic blockade -6.900 (-8.057, -5.743)*
Hypertensive (vs normotensive) women 22.414 (18.760, 26.069)*
After anaesthetic blockade and Hypertensive women -4.130 (-7.224, -1.037)*
  1. *Significant designated at p < 0.05.; CI, confidence interval; MAP, mean arterial pressure.