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Table 2 Scoring sheet for the assessment of inputs in labour room

From: Adherence to evidence based care practices for childbirth before and after a quality improvement intervention in health facilities of Rajasthan, India

Input indicators   
Ambubag kept ready in LR Yes = 1 No =0
BP instrument & stethoscope ready in LR Yes = 1 No =0
Washbasin and running water in LR Yes = 1 No =0
Autoclaved present in working condition Yes = 1 No =0
Labour room clean Yes = 1 No =0
Labour table condition Clean & has no old blood stuck =1 Dirty & has old blood stuck = 0
Oxytocin available in LR Yes =1 No =0
Staff in LR SBA trained All =2 Half =1
Doctors (who conduct delivery) oriented on evidence based care All =2 Half =1
IEC material (chart ) on evidence based practices displayed in LR Yes = 1 No = 0
Input score for this facility   
Maximum input score possible   
% score for inputs   
  1. Abbreviations: LR Labour room, SBA Skilled birth attendant, IEC Information education communication.