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Table 1 Indicators of maternal morbidity and mortality for the population in the referral maternity wards of Sergipe

From: The prevalence of severe maternal morbidity and near miss and associated factors in Sergipe, Northeast Brazil

Coeficients Ratios
Women with SMOR 5.8 cases/1000LB
NM incidence ratio 4.7 cases/1000LB
SAMM incidence ratio 67.8 cases/1000LB
Total prevalence (SAMM + NM) 72.6 cases/1000LB (7.3%)
Maternal near miss: mortality ratio 4.5 cases/1000LB
Mortality index 18%
Mortality ratio for the population 104.6 cases/1000LB
  1. SMOR: severe maternal outcome ratio; LB: liveborn infants (16,243LB); NM: maternal near miss; SAMM: severe acute maternal morbidity.