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Table 2 The recruitment process

From: Understanding delayed access to antenatal care: a qualitative interview study

Women recruited in South Yorkshire maternity unit, September 2006 – July 2008

Women attending for first antenatal (booking) appointment with gestation (confirmed by USS) > 19 +6 /40.

Potential candidates identified from referral letters by research midwife and through discussion with antenatal clinic midwives and specialist midwifery teams.

Eligible women given information pack and asked for initial consent for research midwife to contact (n = 83)


Not meeting entry criteria (n = 3)

Contacted by telephone and/or post by research midwife (n = 80)


Unable to contact by telephone/post (n = 39)

Contacted by phone and interview arranged at home or next antenatal appointment (n = 41)


Did not attend for interview and unable to contact by telephone/post (n = 10)


Declined to be interviewed (n = 4)

Interviewed at home, community children’s centre or hospital (n = 27)