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Table 1 Data captured by the MFMCQ

From: Development of the Migrant Friendly Maternity Care Questionnaire (MFMCQ) for migrants to Western societies: an international Delphi consensus process

Variable Key theme measured1 MFMCQ question number
Country of birth MR 1
Length of time in receiving country MR 2
Arrived in receiving country pregnant MR 3
Number of children born in receiving country MR 88
Countries of birth of mother’s parents MR 90, 91
Immigration status MR 92, 93, 94, 95, 96
Spent time in detention centre MR 97, 98, 99
Permitted to work in receiving country MR 102
Language spoken at home MR 108
Fluency in receiving-country language(s) MR; IE 109, 110
Health care services
Cared for by health care professional (HCP) ATC; SI 4, 5
Prenatal care ATC; SI 6, 7
Services during pregnancy ATC; SI 9
Given information in language known to migrant IE 13
HCP asked how planned to infant feed ATC; CAR 15
HCP asked if preferences for care ATC; CAR 16
Site of birth ATC; SI 20
Type of HCP during labour, birth ATC; SI 21, 22
Procedures during labour, birth (e.g., caesarean) ATC; CAR; SI 23
Allowed to move around, choose positions during labour ATC; CAR 26
HCP asked re: preferences for pain management during labour ATC; CAR 27
During labour, allowed to have choice of support people ATC; CAR 29
During birth, had a companion ATC 30, 31
HCP asked re: preferences for care during labour, after birth ATC; CAR 32, 37
Infant admitted to special care unit CRO 33
Length of hospital stay ATC; SI 34
HCP asked re: food preferences ATC; CAR 36
Given baby to hold skin-to-skin within first hour after birth ATC 38
HCP offered help/info re: breastfeeding ATC; CAR 39, 40
BF support services used ATC 41
HCP seen since birth ATC; SI 42, 43, 44
HCP offered interpreting service IE; ATC; SI 57
Frequency of interpreter in attendance and who acted as interpreter IE; SI 58, 59
HCP asked if any questions ATC; CAR 67
HCP kept woman informed IE 71
Obstetrics –current pregnancy
Medical complications pregnancy, labour, birth CRO 8, 24
Gestational age at birth CRO 17
Number of infants born CRO 18
Infant birth weight CRO 19
If caesarean birth, reason CRO 25
Obstetrics –history
Pregnancies (i.e.., gradivity) CRO 78
Miscarriages CRO 79
Terminations CRO 80
Stillbirths CRO 81
Infants born before 37 completed weeks CRO 82
Infants born after 37 weeks CRO 83
Medical complications during previous pregnancies CRO 84, 85
Perceptions of care
Services wished for but not used PC 10, 11
Sources of information PC 12
Received enough information PC 14
Satisfied with how HCP helped to manage pain during labour PC 28
Time in hospital/clinic post birth was adequate PC 35
Wanted to see a health care professional but could not PC 45, 46
Other advice/support/information wished for PC 47
Felt welcomed by HCP PC 48
Felt respected by HCP PC 49
HCP were helpful PC 50
Happy with care received PC 51
Was asked by HCP to do something woman did not want to do PC 52, 53
HCP asked preferences for female/male HCP PC 54
Understood info provided by HCP PC 55
Would have understood info better in another language PC 56
Satisfaction with interpretation PC 60
Had preferences for care but they couldn’t be followed PC 61, 62, 63
Things HCP could do differently/better PC 64, 65
Particularly good/bad experiences PC 66
HCPs were rushed PC 68
Concerns taken seriously by HCPs PC 69
Wait too long for care PC 70
Felt comfortable asking about things not understood PC 72
HCPs made decisions without women’s wishes being taken into account PC 73
HCPs encouraging and reassuring PC 74
HCPs spent enough time providing explanations PC 75
Thought to be treated differently to other people by HCPs PC 76, 77
Marital status SDC 86
Household composition SDC 87, 88
Maternal birth date SDC 90
Health services funding SDC 101
Education SDC 102
Employment SDC 104, 105, 106
Household income SDC 107, 108
  1. 1ATC = Access to care (n ≥ 21 questions).
  2. CAR = Caregiver awareness and responsiveness (n ≥ 10 questions).
  3. CRO = Clinical risks and outcomes (n ≥ 13 questions).
  4. IE = Information exchange (n ≥ 5 questions).
  5. MR = Migration-related (n ≥ 10 questions).
  6. PC = Perceptions of care (n ≥ 27 questions).
  7. SDC = Socio-demographic characteristics (n ≥ 7 questions).
  8. SI = Structural issues (n ≥ 10 questions).