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Table 2 Respondents’ perception of spiritual care

From: Reshaping maternal services in Nigeria: any need for spiritual care?

Issues Response [n (%)]
Does your denomination provide spiritual support during pregnancy/child birth?  
Yes 286(72.0)
No 111(28.0)
If yes, which spiritual support?  
Prayers 190(47.9)
Midwifery services 41(10.3)
Both 55(14.1)
Do you believe there is need for spiritual help during pregnancy/ childbirth?  
Yes 301(75.8)
No 96(24.2)
Are currently seeking spiritual help?  
Yes 193(48.5)
No 170(42.8)
No, but intends to. 34(8.6)
Do you think doctors/nurses should consider patient’s spiritual needs/concerns during medical care?  
Yes 281(70.8)
No 116(29.2)
How often have clinicians discussed spiritual help with you?  
Frequently 24(6.0)
Occasionally 167(42.1)
Never 206(51.6)
Do you desire that healthcare providers allow your clergy to pray with you while in labour?  
Yes 257(64.7)
No 109(27.5)
Indifferent 31(7.8)
Do you think collaboration of healthcare providers with your spiritual leader/clergy will improve your chance of hospital delivery?  
Yes 247(62.2)
No 85(21.4)
Not sure 65(16.4)
Are their spiritual practices you desire that hospitals allow during labour?  
Prayer 257(64.7)
Listening/reading scriptures 47(11.9)
Listening to religious music 37(9.3)
Others 29(7.3)
None 27(6.8)