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Table 5 Risk factors for mastitis according to multiple logistic regression analysis

From: Case–control study of risk factors for infectious mastitis in Spanish breastfeeding women

Variables Adjusted OR 95% CI P-value
Cracked nipples 1.43 1.23–1.67 < 0.0001
Antibiotics during breastfeeding 5.38 2.85–10.14 < 0.0001
Infant age 0.92 0.87–0.96 < 0.0001
Breast pumps 2.78 1.68–4.58 < 0.0001
Antifungal medication during breastfeeding 3.81 1.35–10.76 0.0009
Mastitis in previous breastfeeding 3.91 1.60–9.56 0.0014
Breast milk coming in later than 24 h 2.26 1.24–4.12 0.0016
Mastitis in the family 2.28 1.26–4.13 0.0028
Separation child-mother longer than 24 h 6.40 1.77–23.18 0.0027
Cream on nipples 1.91 1.13–3.24 0.0228
Throat infection 2.05 1.10–3.80 0.0224
  1. OR, odds ratio; CI, confidence interval.
  2. The following variables have been included in the analysis: infant age; mastitis in the family and in previous breastfeeding; urinary, throat and skin infection; vaginal candidiasis; anemia; thrush; breast/nipple pain during pregnancy; parity; place and type of delivery; antibiotherapy and analgesia during delivery; first contact with child; separation child-mother longer than 24 h; first breastfeed after birth; problems to latch on nipple at first; time until the milk comes in; milk amount; mixed/exclusive breastfeeding; breastfeeding two children; time since breastfeeding started; pacifier; nipple shields; bottle-feeding; cream on nipples; breast pumps; cracked nipples; antibiotics, antifungal medication, analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs during breastfeeding.