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Table 3 Percent of observed caesarean deliveries with the indicated tasks performed during the operative period

From: Using direct clinical observation to assess the quality of cesarean delivery in Afghanistan: an exploratory study

  % of cases*
IV line inserted 100%
Vulva cleansed prior to insertion of urinary catheter (n = 28) 46%
Urinary catheter inserted 100%
Any antacid or acid neutralizer given 14%
Lateral tilt of mother on table 21%
Fetal heart assessed in the operating theater (n = 27) 67%
Regional anesthesia used 72%
Check for adequate anesthesia prior to incision (n = 26) 92%
Low transverse skin incision 34%
Low transverse uterine incision 100%
Maternal prophylactic antibiotics after cord clamping 90%
Closed the peritoneum 45%
Tubal ligation performed (n = 28) 32%
Final sponge/instrument count 64%
Blood pressure and pulse monitored at least every 15 minutes during surgery 83%
  1. *n = 29 unless otherwise noted due to missing data.