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Table 1 Severe maternal morbidity (Respondents = 1,824)

From: The relationship between severe maternal morbidity and psychological health symptoms at 6–8 weeks postpartum: a prospective cohort study in one English maternity unit

Severe maternal morbidity N
Major obstetric haemorrhage [25] 73
Estimated blood loss ≥1500 ml (either vaginal or caesarean section related), or transfused 4 or more units of blood during labour, birth or immediately after birth  
Eclampsia [56] 4
A convulsive condition associated with pre-eclampsia  
Severe pre-eclampsia [57] 7
Pre-eclampsia with an existence of blood pressure of 160/110 mmHg  
HELLP syndrome [25] 1
Haemolysis (abnormal peripheral blood smear or raised total bilirubin concentration (>20.5 μmol/l)), raised liver enzyme activity (raised aspartate aminotransferase (>70 U/l)) or raised γglutamyltransferase (>70 U/l), and low platelets (<100 × 109/l))  
Intensive care unit (ICU)/High dependency unit (HDU) admission  
ICU/HDU admission after giving birth. Admission for one of the above conditions or for any other reason. 103
Total (All severe maternal morbidity cases) 147
  1. Numbers do not add up to n = 147 because some women had more than one condition.