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Table 2 Antibody Information

From: Development and validation of primary human myometrial cell culture models to study pregnancy and labour

Protein Antibody information Clonality Dilution for ICC
α smooth muscle actin sc-58669 (Santa Cruz) Mouse monoclonal 1:1000
Caldesmon ab32330 (Abcam) Rabbit monoclonal 1:500
Calponin ab46794 (Abcam) Rabbit monoclonal 1:500
Oxytocin Receptor sc-33209(Santa Cruz) Rabbit polyclonal 1:200
Tropomyosin sc-73225 (Santa Cruz) Mouse monoclonal 1:50
Vimentin sc-66001 (Santa Cruz) Mouse monoclonal 1:1000
1B10 Ab11333 (Abcam) Mouse monoclonal 1:500