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Table 1 Diagnoses with an expected higher risk of caesarean section and the corresponding ICD-GM 10 codes

From: Regional variation in caesarean deliveries in Germany and its causes

Diagnoses ICD-GM 10 codes
Twins and higher order pregnancies O30, Z37.2-3, Z37.5-6, Z38.3, Z38.6
Anomalies of the foetal presentation O32, O64
Intrauterine growth restriction O36.5
Post date pregnancy O09.7, O48
Preterm delivery O09.3-5, O60.1, O60.3
Maternal distress O75.0, O75.2, O75.3
Obstructed labour O66
Asphyxia O68
Prolonged birth O63
Macrosomia O36.6, O66.2
Placenta praevia O44
Abruptio placentae O45
Disproportion O33
Anomalies of maternal pelvis O34, O65
Intrapartal bleeding (excluded placenta previa) O67
Failed induction O61
Preexisting hypertonic disorders O10
Non-severe hypertonic disorders during pregnancy O11-13
Preeclampsia O14
Eclampsia O15
Complications because of umbilical cord O69
Diabetes mellitus O24.0-3
Gestational diabetes mellitus O24.4
Uterine rupture O71.0-1
Premature rupture of foetal membranes (PROM) O42, O75.5-6
Abnorm contractions O62.0-2
Previous caesarean section O34.2