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Table 1 Mechanisms of intervention package in reducing perinatal mortality

From: A matched pair cluster randomized implementation trail to measure the effectiveness of an intervention package aiming to decrease perinatal mortality and increase institution-based obstetric care among indigenous women in Guatemala: study protocol

Problem Contributing factors Intervention Objective Result Impact
Poor perinatal outcomes including high mortality Insufficient capacity to deliver effective emergency perinatal care in clinics PRONTO training Better prepare professional health care providers for obstetric and neonatal emergencies Improve emergency obstetric care Reduce perinatal mortality
Lack of coordination and interaction between TBAs and health system Professional midwife liaison Strengthen the relationship between communities/TBAs and formal health services Increase the proportion of institution-based births
Multidimensional factors preventing women from using the health system for obstetrical care Social marketing campaign Influence care-seeking behavior by promoting the advantages of institutional delivery