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Table 5 Predicted probability of post-partum blood loss ≥ 700 mL by AMTSL components and route of oxytocin administration

From: How effective are the components of active management of the third stage of labor?

  Predicted probability
No oxytocin prophylaxis  
  No AMTSL components 8.8%
  UM only 9.9%
  CCT only 4.8%
  UM + CCT 13.7%
Oxytocin prophylaxis  
  Intramuscular administration  
   Oxytocin only 3.9%
   Oxytocin + CCT 1.3%
   Oxytocin + CCT + UM 2.6%
  Intravenous administration  
   Oxytocin only 1.0%
   Oxytocin + CCT 1.1%
   Oxytocin + CCT + UM 3.1%
  1. Predictions were generated from regression models summarized in Table 4. They reflect the average probability of post-partum blood loss ≥700mL, assuming that all study participants in each clinical regimen received each AMTSL treatment but otherwise retained their observed characteristics.