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Table 4 Distribution and coverage rates or rate ranges by distribution timing, distributing cadres and administration method (for programs for which rates were calculable)

From: Misoprostol for postpartum hemorrhage prevention at home birth: an integrative review of global implementation experience to date

Distribution or administration feature (multiple possible, and for this table, the 3 Mozambique strategies are separately reported) Distribution rate or rate range Coverage rate or rate range
Distribution timing Any ANC visit 22.5–49.1% 16.8–65.9%
Late ANC visit 21.0–26.7% 16.2-35.9%
Home visit (late pregnancy) 54.5-96.6% 55.7-93.8%
At home birth 22.5-83.6% 16.8-73.5%
Distributing cadre Community health worker 54.5-96.6% 87.9-93.8%
Traditional birth attendant 25.9-86.5% 35.9-73.5%
Health worker/ ANC provider 21.0-49.1% 16.2-65.9%
Other 66.5-83.6% 55.7%
Administration method Self 21.0-96.6% 16.2-93.8%
Traditional birth attendant 25.9-86.5% 35.9-73.5%
Community health worker N/A N/A
Skilled birth attendant or semi-skilled health worker 22.5% 16.8%