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Table 1 Sample and Data collection

From: Help bring back the celebration of life: A community-based participatory study of rural Aboriginal women’s maternity experiences and outcomes

Data Collection Method Sample
Individual interviews · 66 mothers
· 1 father
· 9 health care /community leaders (e.g. physicians, CEO’s)
Focus groups · 42 mothers and 2 fathers in 5 groups
· 11 elders
· 5 youth (men and women)
Community Meetings · Small group meetings with health professionals
· Meetings with cultural centre staff
· Community meetings
Observations and invited participation at community events (>1000 hours) · Mother’s and Tots groups and drop ins;
· Christmas school celebration;
· Field visit to ancestral village
· Mother’s Day luncheon with about 60 mothers, fathers and children
· Baby Welcoming Ceremony
· Cultural Centre Opening ceremonies
· Participation in language classes, traditional weaving, salmon preparation