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Table 1 Summary of clinical recommendations from the NHMRC endorsed Australian and New Zealand clinical practice guidelines [10]

From: Working to improve survival and health for babies born very preterm: the WISH project protocol

Clinical recommendations Grade^ Chapter
In women at risk of early preterm imminent birth, use magnesium sulphate for neuroprotection of the fetus, infant and child: A 4-7
• When gestational age is less than 30 weeks. B 8
• When early preterm birth is planned or definitely expected within 24 hours (when birth is planned, commence magnesium sulphate as close to four hours before birth as possible). A 9
• Intravenously with a 4 gram loading dose (slowly over 20–30 minutes) and 1 gram per hour maintenance dose via intravenous route, with no immediate repeat doses. Continue regimen until birth or for 24 hours, whichever comes first. C 10
• Regardless of plurality (number of babies in utero). B 11
• Regardless of the reason women (at less than 30 weeks gestation) are considered to be at risk of preterm birth. B 12
• Regardless of parity (number of previous births for the woman). B 13
• Regardless of anticipated mode of birth. B 14
• Regardless of whether or not antenatal corticosteroids have been given. B 15
  1. ^These grades are based on the NHMRC’s standards for grading recommendations for developers of guidelines, and reflect the degree of trust that can be placed in a particular recommendation based on the strength of the evidence (with A indicating the highest degree of trust).