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Table 1 Summary of sample size (T1DM sample only) and transition phase investigated, by study design (qualitative vs quantitative) included reviewed articles

From: Psychosocial issues of women with type 1 diabetes transitioning to motherhood: a structured literature review

Authors & year Country Sample (N) T1DM only Transition phase1
    Pregnancy (trimester) Immediately post-partum (up to 4 weeks) Post-natal (>4 weeks)
    1 2 3   
Qualitative studies
Berg M & Honkasalo ML [25] Sweden 14 X X X X  
Berg M [26] Sweden 18 X X X X  
Berg M & Sparud-Lundin C [27] Sweden 23      X
King R & Wellard S [28] Australia 7      X
Lavender T et al. [23] UK 22      
Sparud-Lundin C & Berg M [22] Sweden 23      X
Stenhouse et al. [19] UK 8 X X X   
Quantitative studies:
Moore ML et al. [33] USA 73   X X   
Spirito A et al.2[35] USA NR   X X   
Ruggiero L et al. [36] USA 33   X X   
York R et al. [37] USA NR     X X
Langer N & Langer O [31, 38] USA NR    X   
Levy-Shiff R et al. [32] Israel NR   X    
Illias J et al. [30] Greece 33   X X   
Dalfra MG et al. [29] Italy 30      X
Sparud-Lundin C et al. [34] Sweden 105      X
  1. 1Qualitative studies were often conducted at the post-natal phase but, in some cases, required the women to reflect on experiences during and pre-pregnancy.
  2. 2Included quantitative assessment using Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire.
  3. NR: not reported.