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Table 1 Comparisons of interest (M denotes main comparisons of interest, s denotes secondary comparisons of interest)

From: CORONIS - International study of caesarean section surgical techniques: the follow-up study

Outcome reference number Outcome Bl vs. Sh Ext vs.-A Sl vs. Dble Cl vs. N-Cl Cat vs. P910
Women’s health and mortality
1 i) Pelvic pain s s s M s
 ii) Dysmenorrhoea s s s s s
 iii) Deep dyspareunia s s s M s
 iv) Urinary symptoms s s s s s
2 Diagnostic laparoscopy or diagnostic laparotomy - not related to pregnancy s s s M s
3 Hysterectomy or tubal/ovarian surgery - not related to pregnancy s s s M s
4 Bladder or bowel damage – not related to pregnancy s s s M s
5 i) Abdominal hernias M    s  
 ii) Bowel obstruction s s s M s
6 Woman’s death   s M s M
Reproductive status      
7 i) Women with no subsequent pregnancy – voluntary s    s  
 ii) Women with no subsequent pregnancy – involuntary s M s M s
8 Fertility treatments s M s M s
Subsequent pregnancies
9 Any subsequent pregnancy s s s s s
 i) Interpregnancy interval s s s s s
 ii) Miscarriage   s s   s
 iii) Ectopic pregnancy   M s M s
 iv) Gestation   s s   s
 v) Stillbirth   s M   M
 vi) Neonatal death   s M   M
 vii) Mode of delivery   s M   M
 viii) Other pregnancy complications (composite of a-i)   s M   M
  a Uterine rupture   s M   M
  b Uterine scar dehiscence   s M   M
  c Placenta praevia   s M   M
  d Morbidly adherent placenta   s M   M
  e Abruption   s M   M
  f Postpartum haemorrhage requiring transfusion of >1 unit of whole blood or packed cells   s M   M
  g Severe infection within 6 weeks postpartum   s M   M
  h Hysterectomy up to 6 weeks postpartum   s M   M
  i Manual removal of placenta   s M   M
 ix) Bladder or bowel damage –at the time of subsequent Caesarean section s s s s s
CORONIS children – morbidity and mortality
10 Death or serious morbidity of CORONIS child M     
  1. Key: Bl vs. Sh = Blunt versus sharp abdominal entry, Ext vs. I-A = Exteriorisation of the uterus for repair versus intra-abdominal repair, Sl vs. Dble = Single versus double layer closure of the uterus, Cl vs. N-Cl = Closure versus non-closure of the peritoneum (pelvic and parietal), Cat vs. P910 = Chromic catgut versus Polyglactin-910 for uterine repair.