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Table 2 Nationally held health information datasets used for matching to PIMS extracted data

From: Wāhine hauora: linking local hospital and national health information datasets to explore maternal risk factors and obstetric outcomes of New Zealand Māori and non-Māori women in relation to infant respiratory admissions and timely immunisations

Health information dataset Type of information held in dataset Specific information extracted and matched
Mortality Collection Death Date of death, gestation, birth-weight, diagnostic codes on cause of death
National Immunisation Register Immunisation information Immunisation at 6 and 12 months, registration status (active or not)
National Maternity Collection Information on maternal and infant health collected by the lead maternal carer Breastfeeding at 2 weeks and at transfer to well child provider, neonatal death, number of inpatient postnatal visits, number of midwife home visits
National Minimum Dataset (NMDS) Hospital events Maternal and/or infant hospital admissions (public) /discharge date, duration, diagnostic (ICD) codes
NMDS Infant birth outcomes Apgar at 5 minutes, birth weight dianostic codes, length of stay,
NMDS Referrals Date, specialist, provider, reason(s)