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Table 1 Outline of data extracted from the CCDHB Perinatal Information Management System (PIMS)

From: Wāhine hauora: linking local hospital and national health information datasets to explore maternal risk factors and obstetric outcomes of New Zealand Māori and non-Māori women in relation to infant respiratory admissions and timely immunisations

Information Included fields
Patient NHI, DOB, domicile, marital status, ethnicity, birth country, education, registration with a Lead Maternity Carer (LMC), date of hospital admission
Pregnancy Parity, gravida, smoking, alcohol, anaesthetics, scan history
Mortality Place, date, cause
Antenatal Follow up required (type and number)
Admissions Admitted from, date
Care transfer LMC transfer, reason
Discharge Discharge date, from, to, reasons, length of stay
Ward transfer Transfers from, to, dates, reasons,
Previous obstetric history Previous birthweights, outcomes
Infant Gestation, birth weight, Apgar score, birth order