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Table 4 Results: Why do rural Laotians prefer home delivery, and who decides?

From: Reasons rural Laotians choose home deliveries over delivery at health facilities: a qualitative study

1. Perceived advantages with giving birth at home
· Ease, convenience and nearness to family
· Desirable birthing practices at home: TBA’s, birthing position, and traditional postpartum practices
· Previous positive experiences
1. Perceived disadvantages with giving birth at health facilities
· Costs and transport
· Dislike of position of delivery and medical procedures
· Presence of male birth attendants
· Lack of privacy and confidentiality
· Previous negative experiences
1. Reasons for Choosing Delivery at the Health Facilities
· Skilled birth attendants
· High risk pregnancy
1. Decision-making about place of delivery
· Husbands and other family members primary decision-makers
· Influence of mothers and mothers-in-law