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Table 1 Population coverage of the women's group intervention

From: Scaling up community mobilisation through women's groups for maternal and neonatal health: experiences from rural Bangladesh

Coverage Indicator TOTAL
Number of Women's Groups Pre-scale-up 162
  Newly formed 648
  Total 810
Population in 2009   243,341
Ever-married women in reproductive age in 2009   45,820
Population Coverage (Total population/number of women's groups)
(2009 pre-scale-up value)
Coverage of reproductive-aged women (Total population of ever-married women in reproductive age/number of women's groups)
(2009 pre-scale-up value)
% of reproductive aged-women who are women's group members
(2009 pre-scale-up value)
% deliveries to women attending women's groups
(2009 pre-scale-up value)