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Table 1 Classification system for causes of stillbirth and neonatal death

From: Stillbirths and newborn deaths in slum settlements in Mumbai, India: a prospective verbal autopsy study

Neonatal death Antepartum/macerated stillbirth
Early or late Intrapartum/fresh stillbirth
Preterm or term  
  1. Congenital anomalies
1. Congenital anomalies 2. Accident or external condition
2. Accident or external condition 3. Associated with obstetric complications
3. Asphyxia 4. Prematurity
3a. Asphyxia associated with obstetric complications 5. Multiple pregnancy
4. Prematurity 6. Other
5. Severe infection 7. Unclassifiable
5a. Neonatal tetanus  
6. Other  
7. Unclassifiable