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Table 2 ANC interventions provided by facilities and received by mothers in Zambia

From: Quality of antenatal care in Zambia: a national assessment

A) Interventions provided Facilities (%) n=1299 B) Interventions received Mothers (%) n=4052c
Folate/iron supplementation 99.1 Folate/iron supplementation given or bought 93.2
Tetanus vaccination 86.4 Tetanus vaccination received 81.2
VCT for HIV 33.0 VCT for HIV offeredd 54.1
PMTCT against HIV spread 30.5   
IPT of malaria 97.2 IPT of malaria taken 88.8
   Drug for intestinal parasites takene 36.7
   Weighed 91.4
   Height measured 26.5
   Blood pressure taken 82.5
Screening tests    
Hemoglobin 15.8 Blood sample givenf 60.8
Syphilis 49.8
Urine protein 22.6 Urine sample given 22.6
Urine sugar 20.8
Other related services    
ANC outreach 81.6   
Postnatal servicea 94.8   
Delivery service 84.8   
EmOC or EmOC referralb 98.7   
   Birth preparedness plan discussed 73.6
  1. EmOC, Emergency Obstetric Care; IPT, Intermittent presumptive treatment; PMTCT, Prevention of mother to child transmission; VCT, Voluntary counseling and testing; an=1275, bn=1070 (not asked if no delivery care), cwomen attending ANC; less than 10 missing/unknown values for all items (counted as not received), except d44, e19, f12 missing or unknown.