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Table 1 Framework for the classification of level of ANC provision in Zambian health facilities

From: Quality of antenatal care in Zambia: a national assessment

WHO quality of care dimension Process attributes Minimum requirements for optimum level Minimum requirements for adequate level
Access to care ANC days per week 3+ 1
Responsiveness & Appropriateness ANC outreach No requirement No requirement
IPT of malaria Yes No requirement
Folate/iron supplement Yes No requirement
VCT for HIV Yes No requirement
Pre-eclampsia screening Yes No requirement
Continuity of care PMTCT service Yes No requirement
Delivery service Yes No requirement
Postnatal service No requirement No requirement
Routine FP information No requirement No requirement
Patient safety Skilled health workers registered a 3+ 1
EmOC or EmOC referral capacity Yes No requirement
Effectiveness & Efficiency Screening tests: Hemoglobin, Syphilis, Urine protein, Urine sugar, Blood group + Rhesus factor Any 3+ tests (including urine protein) Any 1 test
ANC functions: Folate/iron supplement, Tetanus vaccine, VCT for HIV, PMTCT of HIV, IPT of malaria All 5 functions Any 3 functions
  1. a Doctor, nurse/midwife, clinical officer.
  2. VCT, voluntary counseling and testing; IPT, intermittent preventive treatment; PMTCT, prevention of mother to child transmission.