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Table 1 Final criteria (n=26) for the obstetrical CBCA questionnaire

From: Validity and reliability of criterion based clinical audit to assess obstetrical quality of care in West Africa

Domain Criteria
History taking · Condition of the mother at arrival
  · Number of prenatal visits
  · Age
  · Gravidity
  · Parity
Clinical examination · Uterine height
  · Cardiac frequency
  · Blood Pressure
  · Temperature
  · Foetal presentation
  · Foetal heart beat
  · Membranes/amniotic fluid
  · Cervical dilation
Laboratory analyses · Blood type
  · Rhesus factor
  · HIV test
  · Syphilis test
Monitoring during birth · Name of birth attendant
  · Qualification of birth attendant
  · Time of placental expulsion
  · Oxytocin given
  · Time of birth given
Postpartum monitoring · Follow-up examination
  · Exit examination
  · Date of discharge
  · Vital status of the infant at birth