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Table 1 Contents of antenatal care (ANC) package in icddr,b area, Matlab, Bangladesh

From: Association of antenatal care with facility delivery and perinatal survival – a population-based study in Bangladesh

Topics Activities* by ANC visits (1st visit: gestation week (GW) 15–19; 2nd visit: GW 24; 3rd visit: GW 32; 4th visit: GW 36)
Rapport building Establish rapport with pregnant women
History taking Current and past pregnancy, history of chronic disease, contraceptive use, and family history
Clinical Examination
  Maintain infection prevention measures (all visits)
  Blood pressure
  Fundal height (2nd, 3rd and 4th visits)
  Fetal heart sound (2nd, 3rd and 4th visits)
  Fetal position and presentation (3rd and 4th visits)
      Vaginal (restricted unless physician decides)
   Share findings Share the clinical findings with mother and support person
Ultrasound examination
  Identify last menstrual period date (1st visit)
  Fetal growth (all visits)
  Early diagnosis of twin (1st visit)
  Any congenital malformation (1st and 2nd visit)
  Placental position (2nd , 3rd and 4th)
  Amount of liquor (2nd, 3rd and 4th)
  Mal-presentation (3rd and 4th)
Routine Investigations
  Urine dip-stick – albumin and sugar
  Routine and microscopic examination (icddr,b Hospital)
  Blood grouping and hemoglobin estimation (icddr,b Hospital)
Immunization and drugs
  Immunization against tetanus
  Anti- helminth drug use (2nd visit)
  Iron and folic acid supplementation and checking
Risk factor identification and management
  Antibiotic use for pre-mature rupture of membrane
  Corticosteroid treatment for women with risk or in preterm labor
  Induction of labor for postdated pregnancy
  Asymptomatic bacteriuria (icddr,b Hospital)
  Anti-D for Rh-negative mother
  Tracking of women with risk factors
  Diet and rest including work sharing and hygiene practice
  Micronutrient supplementation
  Birth preparedness (money, transport, pieces of cloths, delivery place)
  Breast feeding
  Preterm and/or low birth weight
  Immediate newborn care
  Danger signs of newborn and mother
Documentation Proper documentation of all services
  1. *The items belong to column heading ‘Activities’ are presented by font-weight indicating the changes of interventions over the study period: normal - interventions unchanged; Italic: interventions strengthened; bold and italic: new interventions added.