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Table 3 Case management problems presumably due to standards unknown to audit teams*

From: Can hospital audit teams identify case management problems, analyse their causes, identify and implement improvements? A cross-sectional process evaluation of obstetric near-miss case reviews in Benin

General No antibiotic prophylactic pre- or intra-operative
  Presence of foetal heart action confirmed without specifying frequency
Pre-eclampsia, Eclampsia Using diazepam instead of magnesium sulphate to prevent or treat convulsions
  Using clonidine or methyldopa (or, rarely, nifedipine) as 1st line antihypertensive instead of hydralazine
  No hourly auscultation of lung bases in severe pre-eclampsia and eclampsia
  Coagulopathy not routinely ruled out, no clotting test performed
Haemorrhage Using colloids instead of crystalloids for volume replacement
  1. *: These CMPs were observed in all relevant patients, never discussed by audit teams and therefore excluded from further analysis under the assumption that teams were not aware of the relevant standards.