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Table 2 Obstetrics characteristics of respondents in referral hospitals of Amhara Region, Ethiopia, September-November 2009(n = 417)

From: Mothers' satisfaction with referral hospital delivery service in Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Obstetric characteristics Total (n=417) N(%)
Parity (number including the new baby)  
One 198(47.5)
Two to five 176(42.2)
More than five 43(10.3)
Reason for visit  
Planned delivery 342(82.0)
Referral delivery 75(18)
Wanted status of pregnancy  
Wanted 308(73.9)
Unwanted 109(26.1)
Mode of delivery  
Spontaneous vaginal delivery(SVD) 224(53.7)
Assisted delivery 102(24.5)
Caesarean section(C/S) 91(21.8)
Immediate maternal condition after delivery  
Normal 328(78.7)
With complications 89(21.3)
Fetal outcome  
Live birth 374(89.7)
stillbirth 43(10.3)
ANC follow up
Yes 351(84.2)
No 66(15.8)