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Table 1 Case definitions for leading severe obstetric complications

From: Accounts of severe acute obstetric complications in Rural Bangladesh

  Study Definition WHO definition in verbal autopsy setting [27]
Hemorrhage Profuse bleeding AND severe pallor Pregnancy > 8 months, Severe vaginal bleedinga
Puerperal Sepsis High fever in the 7 days after delivery High fever AND having Vaginal delivery
   > 1 day ago OR having Caesarean section
   > 1 day ago
Eclampsia Convulsions, excluding epilepsy [whole body swelling OR severe dizziness] AND NO high fever Being pregnant > 5 months, delivery < 6 weeks ago, swollen upper extremity and/or face, convulsions, visual disturbances, hypertension, first birth, gastric pain, headache, and no fever
Obstructed Labor Baby stuck at delivery AND length of labor >24 hours Physical obstruction + >24H Labor
Induced Abortion "Something done to end pregnancy" AND use of invasive procedure [e.g. insertion of object OR Menstrual Regulation OR D&C] Termination of pregnancy or therapeutic abortion
  1. a The timing of the hemorrhage is used to classify the event as antepartum or postpartum. Severe vaginal bleeding before delivery is considered to be antepartum hemorrhage, while severe vaginal bleeding and delivery less than three days ago is considered as postpartum hemorrhage.