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Table 1 Hospitals in the study by district, location, category/ownership, and total deliveries for 2006

From: Individual and health facility factors and the risk for obstructed labour and its adverse outcomes in south-western Uganda

Hospital District Locality (Urban/Rural) Category-Ownership Total deliveries per hospital for 2006
Mbarara Regional referral Mbarara Urban Regional Referral - Public 6164
Kitagata ºBushenyi Rural General - Public 1339
Ishaka Adventist ºBushenyi Urban General - *PNFP 1658
Comboni ºBushenyi Rural General - *PNFP 792
Ibanda Ibanda Urban General - *PNFP 1927
Rushere Community Kiruhura Rural General - *PNFP 583
  1. ºBushenyi was administratively split into 5 districts with effect from 1st July 2010
  2. *PNFP = Private Not For Profit