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Table 3 Availability of items to support quality ANC services in the two arms of the trial

From: How much time is available for antenatal care consultations? Assessment of the quality of care in rural Tanzania

Essential Intervention (n = 8) Control (n = 8)
Privacy during ANC consultations* 8 8
Well functioning blood pressure measuring machine 5 5
Foetalscope 8 8
Iron tablets 3 3
Folic acid tablets 6 8
Antihelminth drug for de-worming women 8 8
At least one broad spectrum antibiotic 8 8
Aldomet tablets 1 0
Antimalarial for intermittent presumptive malaria treatment 8 8
At least one drug for the treatment of Chylamydia, Gonorrhoea or Syphilis 8 8
  1. Note: *A room that ensured visual and auditory privacy during ANC individual counselling/health education or examination.
  2. Numbers indicate number of health units in the respective study arm which had the specified items.