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Table 2 Infection control procedures and practices, as reported during interviews

From: Infection control in delivery care units, Gujarat state, India: A needs assessment

  % (N = 20)
A standard procedure exists 70
   Type of information available  
Book and chart showing infection rates 5
Chart only 15
Written procedure available 5
Verbal procedure reported 45
   Management/procedural activities conducted  
Infection control committee (monthly meetings held) 15
Case(s) of hospital acquired infection recorded 5
Audit or maternal death review 10
Any staff member attended training in infection control in last year 25
   Details of clean practices or asepsis  
All staff routinely wash hands before procedures. 95
Soap available at all times for hand-washing. 95
Staff vigorously rub hands together with antiseptic or soap and water before any aseptic procedure such as a vaginal examination during labour. 75
Sterile gloves 80
Patients are advised for prevention of infection 95
   Diagnosis and treatment  
Blood culture can be taken in facility 25
Staff aware of common organisms found in blood/pus/fluid culture reports 20
Antibiotics available in facilities for organisms found 95