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Table 8 Community-Based Strategies and Constraints

From: Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth (7 of 7): mobilizing resources to accelerate innovative solutions (Global Action Agenda)

Overarching Goal: To achieve the maximum reduction in stillbirths and neonatal deaths due to preterm births by implementing effective community-based approaches at high coverage within the continuum of maternal and newborn care. We aim to achieve by 2020, a one-third reduction in stillbirths and two-thirds reduction in neonatal mortality due to preterm birth in 68 high mortality countries
Output Post-Conference (by 2010) Short-Term (by 2012) Intermediate (by 2015) Long-Term (beyond 2015) Success Metrics
A. Deploy, strengthen and sustain community health workers (CHWs) at scale 1. Endorse community-based intervention packages as essential to addressing these problems at scale
2. Strengthen the Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth with evidence-based community mechanisms (done)
3. Map current packages delivered by community-based MNH workers in different countries
4. Create global consensus on community-based intervention packages for scale-up
5. Study process of current community-based interventions to expand evidence base for delivery and scale-up
6. Introduce community-based packages in at least 10 countries
7. Introduce community-based packages in remaining Countdown countries 8. All LMICs have sufficient numbers of well-trained, eguipped and supervised CHWs to deliver community interventions at high and eguitable coverage • Marked increase in coverage of community-based interventions
• Reduced neonatal mortality and stillbirth rates
B. Build capacity of community to identify, promote and monitor actions 1. Start review of successful experiences with community based problem-identification and monitoring 2. Support community-based health information systems in a few countries 3. Scale up community-based information systems in a large number of countries 4. All LMICs have high coverage of community-based information systems • Marked increase in the availability of health data at community level in all countries
C. Promote and enhance support structures for CHWs and communities 1. Identify key elements of support system for CHWs and community-based interventions (e.g., training, supervision, drug supplies, and educational materials)
2. Strengthen the Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth with evidence-based community delivery mechanisms
3. Obtain consensus on intervention packages that can be delivered at the community level and scaled up, initially in a few countries
4. Advocate for strengthening the support systems for CHWs and other community-based MNCH interventions
5. Scale up community-based interventions to remaining countries
6. Analyze evidence and experiences of interventions delivered in short-term
7. Ensure the sustainability of CHWs and community-based systems • Reduction in the stillbirth rate by one-third and newborn mortality due to preterm birth by two-thirds
  1. *Milestones are to be reached by no later than December of the year indicated.