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Table 3 Genetic and Environmental Factors

From: Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth (7 of 7): mobilizing resources to accelerate innovative solutions (Global Action Agenda)

Overarching Goal: To determine and reduce the role of genetics, the environment, and their interactions on the burden of preterm birth and stillbirth
Output Post-Conference (by 2010) Short-Term (by 2012) Intermediate (by 2015) Long-Term (beyond 2015) Success Metrics
A. Characterize genetic risks for PTB/SB and identify potentially modifiable environmental influences, especially for LMICs 1. Systematic review of existing knowledge
2. Identify and engage potential funding agencies
3. Assess existing cohorts
4. Develop cohorts in LMICs
5. Develop standardized phenotype definitions and collection protocols
6. Generate RFAs
7. Initiate large scale GWAS
8. Initiate microbiome studies
9. Initiate epigenetic studies and gene:environment studies
10. Develop geographic and culturally valid measures of environmental, genetic, and nutrient risks 11. Population-appropriate intervention trials of modifiable genetic influences • Contribute to MDG 4
• Standardized protocols and phenotype definitions
B. Intensively characterize the "envirome" (xenobiotics, microbiomes, environmental influences) relative to the global risks for PTB/SB 1. Systematic review of existing knowledge
2. Identify and engage potential funding agencies
3. Utilize in-vitro models for high-throughput screening of xenobiotics and PTB/SB
4. Develop appropriate bio-informatics infrastructure
5. Generate RFAs
6. Epidemiologic studies to assess associations of environmental exposure and PTB/SB
7. Initiate clinical trials of modifiable environmental risk factors
8. Develop exportable screening tools for environmental risks
9. Clinical trials of modifiable environmental risk factors
• Ethnically and geographically valid measures for nutritional stress
• Established population-attributable risks to exposures
  1. *Milestones are to be reached by no later than December of the year indicated.