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Table 4 Pillars for National Action Plans to Prevent Congenital Syphilis

From: Global report on preterm birth and stillbirth (4 of 7): delivery of interventions

  Number of Countries Complying with Recommendation
Pillar/Step High-income (n=5) LMIC (n=9)
Ensure Sustained Political Commitment and Advocacy   
Elimination goals set 1 2
Universal screening recommended 5 9
Commited government funding with little or no outside support 5 4
International/national partnerships 2 7
Linkages to appropriate case-management services (HIV/PMTCT or STI prevention programs) 4 7
Increase Quality and Access to Maternal and Newborn Health Services   
Where services are available:   
   • Measures to ensure all pregnant women are screened and tested 4 4
   • Increase access to care and decrease barriers 4 4
Where no services are available:   
   • Partnerships with NGOs/community organizations to ensure maximum coverage 0 5
   • Health promotion programs for congenital syphilis, STIs, reproductive health issues 3 0
Screen and Treat Pregnant Women and their Partners   
Diagnosis and treatment of pregnant women and partners 5 4
Point-of-care diagnostic testing 1 2
Single dose treatment for pregnant women 5 3
Measures to ensure women remain uninfected during pregnancy 4 5
Establish Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems   
Establish national level baseline data and effective reporting for cases in pregnancy and congenital syphilis 5 5
Develop/strengthen systems for monitoring 5 5
Develop/strengthen systems for evaluation 4 1
Develop indicators/proxy measurements of congenital syphilis and effectiveness of intervention programs 1 1
  1. Source: World Health Organization 2005, Hossain M et al.[24, 31]