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Table 1 EmONC trial study sites

From: Communities, birth attendants and health facilities: a continuum of emergency maternal and newborn care (the global network's EmONC trial)

Country Argentina Guatemala India Pakistan Kenya Zambia
Site Corrientes Chimaltenango Belgaum Nagpur Thatta Western Province Kafue
Clusters (n) 6 10 20 20 24 16 10
Total deliveries (n)a 2.541 2,518 19,529 4,344 10,404 8,436 6,374
Home deliveriesa (%) 1 72 19 14 59 67 57
  1. a The number of total deliveries and percentage of home deliveries are based on data collection over a 1-year period prior to the implementation of the EmONC trial for all sites except Chimaltenango, Guatemala and Nagpur, India, where delays in the approval process limited prior data collection to six months.