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Table 2 Matrix with factor loadings from exploratory factor analysis and principal component analysis with promax rotation.

From: Childbirth experience questionnaire (CEQ): development and evaluation of a multidimensional instrument

Item Own capacity Professional support Perceived safety Participation
Experienced level of labour pain in dilatation stage, VAS# ¤ 0.73   -0.40  
I felt strong § 0.73    
I felt capable § 0.73    
Experienced level of control, VAS# ∂ 0.62    
I felt happy § 0.61    
I felt that I handled the situation well 0.55    
I felt tired § 0.53    
The labour progress went as I had expected 0.47    
My midwife also devoted enough time to my partner   0.82   
I felt very well taken care of by the midwife   0.87   
My midwife devoted enough time to me   0.86   
My midwife kept me informed about what was happening during labour and birth   0.80   
My midwife understood my needs   0.76   
Experienced level of sense of security, VAS# ¥    0.80  
Some of my memories from the labour process make me feel depressed    0.73  
My impression of the medical competence made me feel secure    0.59  
I have many negative memories from the labour process    0.59  
I have many positive memories from the labour process    0.56  
I felt scared §    0.51  
I felt I could choose whether I should be up and moving or lie down     0.84
I felt I could choose the delivery position     0.80
I felt I could choose which pain relief method to use     0.58
Eigenvalue 6.1 3.3 1.4 1.1
Variance explained 27.8 14.8 6.5 5.1
Cumulative variance explained 27.8 42.6 49.1 54.3
  1. Factor loadings < 0.30 are not shown.
  2. Excluded items were: The presence of my partner made me feel secure, I felt that my partner managed the situation well, My assurance that the baby was doing well made me feel secure, Experienced level of labour pain in expulsion stage VAS, The care given by my midwife made me feel secure and I have memory lapses from the labour process.
  3. # In summary. The VAS-scales scores were transformed to categorical values, 0-40 = 1, 41-60 = 2, 61-80 = 3 and 81-100 = 4. The pain scores were reversed.
  4. § ...during labour and birth.
  5. ¤ Anchor values: No pain-Worst imaginable pain.
  6. Anchor values: No control-Complete control.
  7. ¥ Anchor values: No sense of security-Feel totally secure.