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Table 5 Provider perceptions regarding use of counseling job aids (Intervention arm only)

From: Antenatal counseling in maternal and newborn care: use of job aids to improve health worker performance and maternal understanding in Benin

  Advantages to using counseling job aids:   Disadvantages to using counseling job aids:   Suggestions to improve use of counseling job aids:
- Pregnant women better retain messages* - Requires additional time which delays when the women leave the health center - Improve durability of the cards
- Health workers review all communication elements - Requires additional time for providers* - Extend duration of training in use of the cards
- Increases speed in which women grasp key messages - Too many cards; difficult to organize - Decrease number of cards used in each module*
- Cards function as a reminder ("job aid') for the health worker of key messages*    - Increase number of messages per card
- Relieves provider of burden to explain messages without images     
- Less time is needed for explaining because the cards' images assist in comprehension among women (saves time)*     
- Allows provider to master material over time     
- Depicts danger signs and consequences of poor practices that women can visualize     
- Women appreciate the cards     
  1. Note: The symbol (*) denotes that providers commonly gave the response. All providers responded "yes" when asked whether they thought the counseling job aids should be introduced at other sites.