Pregnancy and childbirth in low and middle income countries

Section edited by Jos van Roosmalen, and Ndola Prata

This section considers studies regarding all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth in the developing world.

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  1. Research article

    Maternal care quality in near miss and maternal mortality in an academic public tertiary hospital in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: a retrospective cohort study

    Reducing maternal mortality remains a major challenge for health care systems worldwide. The factors related to maternal mortality were extensively researched, and maternal death clusters around labour, delive...

    Yuli Mawarti, Adi Utarini and Mohammad Hakimi

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:149

    Published on: 22 May 2017

  2. Research article

    Is quality of care a key predictor of perinatal health care utilization and patient satisfaction in Malawi?

    The Malawi government encourages early antenatal care, delivery in health facilities, and timely postnatal care. Efforts to sustain or increase current levels of perinatal service utilization may not achieve d...

    Andreea A. Creanga, Sara Gullo, Anne K. Sebert Kuhlmann, Thumbiko W. Msiska and Christine Galavotti

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:150

    Published on: 22 May 2017

  3. Research article

    Prevention of postpartum haemorrhage by community-based auxiliary midwives in hard-to-reach areas of Myanmar: a qualitative inquiry into acceptability and feasibility of task shifting

    In Myanmar, postpartum haemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal mortality and contributes to around 30% of all maternal deaths. The World Health Organization recommends training and supporting auxiliary mi...

    Kyu Kyu Than, Yasmin Mohamed, Victoria Oliver, Theingi Myint, Thazin La, James G. Beeson and Stanley Luchters

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:146

    Published on: 17 May 2017

  4. Research article

    Use of Rapid Ascertainment Process for Institutional Deaths (RAPID) to identify pregnancy-related deaths in tertiary-care obstetric hospitals in three departments in Haiti

    Accurate assessment of maternal deaths is difficult in countries lacking standardized data sources for their review. As a first step to investigate suspected maternal deaths, WHO suggests surveillance of “preg...

    Andrew T. Boyd, Erin N. Hulland, Reynold Grand’Pierre, Floris Nesi, Patrice Honoré, Reginald Jean-Louis and Endang Handzel

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:145

    Published on: 16 May 2017

  5. Research article

    Understanding coping strategies during pregnancy and the postpartum period: a qualitative study of women living with HIV in rural Uganda

    In sub-Saharan Africa, 58% of adults living with HIV are women. In Uganda, HIV prevalence is 8.3% for women compared to 6.1% for men. Access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) and prevention of mother to child tr...

    Scholastic Ashaba, Angela Kaida, Bridget Frances Burns, Kasey O’Neil, Emma Dunkley, Christina Psaros, Jasmine Kastner, Alexander C. Tsai, David R. Bangsberg and Lynn T. Matthews

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:138

    Published on: 8 May 2017

  6. Study protocol

    A description of the methods of the aspirin supplementation for pregnancy indicated risk reduction in nulliparas (ASPIRIN) study

    Preterm birth (PTB) remains the leading cause of neonatal mortality and long term disability throughout the world. Though complex in its origins, a growing body of evidence suggests that first trimester admini...

    Matthew K. Hoffman, Shivaprasad S. Goudar, Bhalachandra S. Kodkany, Norman Goco, Marion Koso-Thomas, Menachem Miodovnik, Elizabeth M. McClure, Dennis D. Wallace, Jennifer J. Hemingway-Foday, Antoinette Tshefu, Adrien Lokangaka, Carl L. Bose, Elwyn Chomba, Musaku Mwenechanya, Waldemar A. Carlo, Ana Garces…

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:135

    Published on: 3 May 2017

  7. Research article

    Impact of maternal respiratory infections on low birth weight - a community based longitudinal study in an urban setting in Pakistan

    The health of mothers and their newborns is intricately related. The weight of the infant at birth is a powerful predictor of infant growth and survival, and is considered to be partly dependent on maternal he...

    Asad Ali, Umber Zaman, Sadia Mahmud, Gul-e-Shehwar Zahid, Momin Kazi, William A. Petri, Zulfiqar Bhutta, Anita Zaidi and Molly A. Hughes

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:111

    Published on: 11 April 2017

  8. Research article

    Building a research registry for studying birth complications and outcomes in six Palestinian governmental hospitals

    Electronic-health (e-health) provides opportunities for quality improvement of healthcare, but implementation in low and middle income countries is still limited. Our aim was to describe the implementation of ...

    Sahar Hassan, Ase Vikanes, Katariina Laine, Khaled Zimmo, Mohammad Zimmo, Espen Bjertness and Erik Fosse

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:112

    Published on: 11 April 2017

  9. Research article

    Factors associated with recovery from 1 minute Apgar score <4 in live, singleton, term births: an analysis of Malaysian National Obstetrics Registry data 2010–2012

    The neonatal Apgar score at 5 min has been found to be a better predictor of outcomes than the Apgar score at 1 min. A baby, however, must pass through the first minute of life to reach the fifth. There has be...

    Ravichandran Jeganathan, Shamala D. Karalasingam, Julia Hussein, Pascale Allotey and Daniel D. Reidpath

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:110

    Published on: 8 April 2017

  10. Research article

    High sero-prevalence of hepatitis B virus and human immunodeficiency virus infections among pregnant women attending antenatal clinic at Temeke municipal health facilities, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: a cross sectional study

    Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection in pregnancy is associated with direct effect of pregnancy and potential viral transmission from mother to newborn. In Tanzania very lit...

    Joel Manyahi, Yohannes Msigwa, Francis Mhimbira and Mtebe Majigo

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:109

    Published on: 7 April 2017

  11. Research article

    Manifestations and drivers of mistreatment of women during childbirth in Kenya: implications for measurement and developing interventions

    Disrespect and abuse or mistreatment of women by health care providers in maternity settings has been identified as a key deterrent to women seeking delivery care. Mistreatment includes physical and verbal abu...

    Charlotte E. Warren, Rebecca Njue, Charity Ndwiga and Timothy Abuya

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:102

    Published on: 28 March 2017

  12. Research article

    Maternal characteristics and obstetrical complications impact neonatal outcomes in Indonesia: a prospective study

    We investigated associations between maternal characteristics, access to care, and obstetrical complications including near miss status on admission or during hospitalization on perinatal outcomes among Indone...

    Trisari Anggondowati, Ayman A. E. El-Mohandes, S. Nurul Qomariyah, Michele Kiely, Judith J. Ryon, Reginald F. Gipson, Benjamin Zinner, Anhari Achadi and Linda L. Wright

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:100

    Published on: 28 March 2017

  13. Research article

    A structural equation analysis on the relationship between maternal health services utilization and newborn health outcomes: a cross-sectional study in Eastern Uganda

    Neonatal and maternal health services have a bearing on neonatal mortality. Direct and indirect factors affecting neonatal health outcomes therefore require understanding to enable well-targeted interventions....

    Rornald Muhumuza Kananura, Robert Wamala, Elizabeth Ekirapa-Kiracho, Moses Tetui, Suzanne N. Kiwanuka, Peter Waiswa and Leonard K. Atuhaire

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:98

    Published on: 27 March 2017

  14. Research article

    Assessing emergency obstetric and newborn care: can performance indicators capture health system weaknesses?

    Regular monitoring and assessment of performance indicators for emergency obstetric and newborn care can help to identify priorities to improve health services for women and newborns. The aim of this study was...

    Andrea Solnes Miltenburg, Richard Forget Kiritta, Thabea Benedicto Bishanga, Jos van Roosmalen and Jelle Stekelenburg

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:92

    Published on: 20 March 2017

  15. Research article

    Case review of perinatal deaths at hospitals in Kigali, Rwanda: perinatal audit with application of a three-delays analysis

    Perinatal audit and the three-delays model are increasingly being employed to analyse barriers to perinatal health, at both community and facility level. Using these approaches, our aim was to assess factors t...

    Aimable Musafili, Lars-Åke Persson, Cyprien Baribwira, Jessica Påfs, Patrick Adam Mulindwa and Birgitta Essén

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:85

    Published on: 11 March 2017

  16. Research article

    Antepartum complications and perinatal mortality in rural Bangladesh

    Despite impressive improvements in maternal survival throughout the world, rates of antepartum complications remain high. These conditions also contribute to high rates of perinatal deaths, which include still...

    Rasheda Khanam, Saifuddin Ahmed, Andreea A. Creanga, Nazma Begum, Alain K. Koffi, Arif Mahmud, Heather Rosen and Abdullah H. Baqui

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:81

    Published on: 7 March 2017

  17. Research article

    Option B+ for prevention of vertical HIV transmission has no influence on adverse birth outcomes in a cross-sectional cohort in Western Uganda

    While most Sub-Saharan African countries are now implementing the WHO-recommended Option B+ protocol for prevention of vertical HIV transmission, there is a lack of knowledge regarding the influence of Option ...

    Eva M. Rempis, Alexandra Schnack, Sarah Decker, Vera Braun, John Rubaihayo, Nazarius Mbona Tumwesigye, Priscilla Busingye, Gundel Harms and Stefanie Theuring

    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2017 17:82

    Published on: 7 March 2017

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